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Guardianship in Glendale, CA

The Law Office of Laura Widdis helps families with issues related to guardianship in Glendale, CA. A guardian cares for minor children in the event that their parents are unable to care for them. Assigning guardianship is an important part of estate planning.

Complete Information from a Guardianship Lawyer

Nothing is more important than your children's future. Make an appointment with our guardianship lawyer to ensure they continue to receive the best possible care after you're gone. If you have not named a guardian, the court will decide what happens to your children. Every family is different, so courts do not always make the best decisions about guardianship. We help you make your choice of guardian official by including it in your will.

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A Guardianship Attorney with Experience

Guardianship is often a complex matter, so it's important that you consult with an experienced guardianship attorney. Guardianship of children's estates may be separate from guardianship of the children themselves. Laura Widdis is a highly trained lawyer who helps families determine the best course of action for their children.

Legal guardianship is necessary when children require care from someone other than their parents. The caregivers must have legal authority to make decisions about the children's welfare in order to deliver proper care. Guardians are fully responsible for the children in their care and have full custody until the children turn 18.

Choose Your Own Pre-Need Guardian

Choosing a guardian for your children is a big decision, but it's a decision you should not put off. If the unthinkable should happen and you become incapacitated, your children will require care by a responsible adult. Choosing someone you trust is essential. By naming a pre-need guardian, you are able to indicate who you want to care for your children. This is usually better than leaving the decision to a judge, who does not know your children or your family.

The point of designating a pre-need guardian is to make the decision before guardianship becomes necessary. Nobody likes to think about a time when they may be unable to care for their children, but naming a guardian is a positive decision that provides parents with peace of mind. You'll feel better knowing that a trusted friend or family member is ready to take over your parenting duties.

Contact us to name a guardian for your children. We serve clients in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles, and Sun Valley, California.